Short Films/ Feature Films/ Music Videos

We know how hard it is to make a film, so we have everything you need to make things easier for you. Our team can connect with you personally and work with you hand in hand on writing the script, hiring actors, filming, equipment rentals, editing and post productions. Not only that, but our team can also take care of some basic to intermediate special effects for your action, sci-fi and horror films. Anything you need AB Entertainment can be your A-Z stop. 


If you have an idea that you want to pitch to a big company, need help making your ideas come alive, we are the one for the job. For small businesses, new companies, many individuals marketing videos or spec videos and content is very important and many times very costly. We provide support to such individuals and give them professional quality content for fraction of the cost. Feel free to contact us for our work with our clients and your needs.

Logos and Animations

We can design a logo and animation for your business or movie poster for fraction of the price of our competitors. Please check out our Projects to learn more about our capabilities. 

Equipment Rentals

If you need high end, Netflix recommended cameras for your project. We can provide you with all sorts of package deals that meets your filming requirement.


Click Here for our Camera lists and Prices. 


If you have specific requests or questions please Contact Us.